Discover your tech-talent, ignite your innovation at Adhyaaya 2023
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Adhyaaya is a premier technical festival, hosting a variety of events for students and professionals to showcase their talents in technology and the sciences. The annual symposium, organized by the Government College of Engineering in Nagpur, features lectures from renowned experts and attracts participants from across the region. Join us at Adhyaaya for a journey of innovation and creativity.

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Over the past years Adhyaaya has had the privilege to have hosted a number of sponsors which provided a very entertaining experience to our visitors as well as the brand. The crowd engagement, media exposure, sampling and brand building opportunities offered at Adhyaaya are unparalleled. The fest has always been a platform for several brands to engage in unique crowd engaging activations which has proved to deliver a strong sponsor take back value.
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Out-station participants participating in offline events are entitled to compensation. Please contact Shlok Tajne (+91 8237050035)

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